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Satomi Takanashi: When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes


When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes

Movie comment: Slender and elegant wife, Satomi Takanashi. White arms peeked from her blouse looks sexy and her sophisticated sexual charm mesmerizes a man in front of her. A desire for messing with her is overflowing precisely because she looks neat and clean. Despite her looks, she has articulate personality and she is aggressive for sex. She show us her masturbation with a rotor and look like she gets used to it. It’s giving us some excitement when she, who has a modest impression until a while ago, rubs a rotor to her pussy and makes a naughty sound. At the scene of having sex in the kitchen, she aggressively licks around the guy’s body. Using her tongue in a skillful way, and using hands, mouth, and nipples, she leads him to a cumshot and which proves she’s really a naughty wife. On cowgirl position, her small but nice shape tits looks good and her nipple has beautiful pink color. Wives like her who looks neat and clean at a glance has a huge sexual desire inside, and it explodes at one sex.

When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes


Movie Details

Title: When Sexual Desire of Neat Wife Explodes

Pornstar: Satomi Takanashi

Age: 40’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,69,Masturbation,Blindfold

Date: 2016/05/21

Tomomi,Akemi: Naughty World of Wild and Slutty Lesbians


Naughty World of Wild and Slutty Lesbians

Movie comment: Two matures challenges lesbian play. First lady, Soari, is a little chubby lady who like women than men. She had an experience of lesbian play in her school days. At that time, she had crushed on a heterosexual girl and taken her to the bed. Her favorite is a cute and cubby girl with big eyes. This time, Soari enjoys her favorite play with Kozue who has an neat impression. Her pitch-black hair brings out the color of her white skin and she looks so bewitching. Even though Kozue is a slender lady, the way she fondles Saori with dildo is a thrilling enough. It’s also exciting to see their 69 fingering and licking each other’s loins. In fact, Japanese porn actress doesn’t like lesbian play because it’s too much pleasure so they afraid to get stuck in the lesbian world. Lesbian play is profound indeed.

Naughty World of Wild and Slutty Lesbians


Movie Details

Title: Naughty World of Wild and Slutty Lesbians

Pornstar: Tomomi,Akemi

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Vibrator,Lesbian

Date: 2016/06/02

Saeko Kimijima: Tall Queen’s Training School – Part.2


Tall Queen's Training School - Part.2

Movie comment: Saeko Kimishima (AOI, Aoi Murakami) plays a roll of SM queen and teases short masochistic men, consist of 3 parts. One short man is called by queen. Although he is not sure what’s about to start, Saeko pulls his head toward her and gives him intense kiss. This intense kiss entangling their saliva last for a few minutes. Then 3 more men are called and she makes them lick her legs while kissing the first man. She sometime drops her saliva on the floor and makes them lick it. She is turned on with diligent pussy licking by those men and she at last orders them to fuck her. She soaks in pleasure tasting their dick taking-turn with her pussy.

Tall Queen’s Training School – Part.2


Movie Details

Title: Tall Queen’s Training School – Part.2

Pornstar: Saeko Kimijima

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Handjob,Pervert Play,Blowjob,Double Blowjob,69,Soft SM,Facial

Date: 2017/02/28

Machiko Enjou: A Rustic 50’s Wife Captivates Men


A Rustic 50's Wife Captivates Men

Movie comment: Machiko Enjo, she a rustic and usual wife in 50’s. She sees women around her with a distant look. Despite her meek atmosphere, she puts a naughty smile on her face when a man sucks her nipples. And she seems to be feeling pleasure when her nipples are sucked and played with electronic massager, she makes huge moans as if she’s giving a birth. The way she suck a dick is like licking lollypop. On cowgirl position, you can enjoy her slender waist and body. Her tits are saggy but not small, and they shake up and down as she moves her body. Her legs look beautiful when they are opened on missionary position. This is a secret of her captivating men more than beautiful ladies.

A Rustic 50’s Wife Captivates Men


Movie Details

Title: A Rustic 50’s Wife Captivates Men

Pornstar: Machiko Enjou

Age: 50’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,Electric Massager

Date: 2016/05/27

Mio Katagiri: Slutty Home Teacher – Part.1


Slutty Home Teacher - Part.1

Movie comment: Mio Katagiri, she has beautiful black hair and she must be great on yukata. This time she plays a role of home teacher who teaches a young man. One day, a young man named Takashi found that her pantyhose is teared off a little, so he go shopping for a new one for her. While she is waiting at his house, the guy who says he was Takashi’s teacher before shows up and somehow Mio invites him into Takashi’s house. And oddly that ex-teacher has a pantyhose in hand, but she didn’t care much of it and wears it anyway. Then the ex-teacher turned on by her naughty legs and starts diddling her opening her legs. In no time they crossed the line. Her pussy is wet when her clit is messed around and makes naughty sounds when fingered. She is also turned on and she sucks his dick using her hands skillfully and leads him to sexual pleasure. They eventually start fucking in missionary position and she soaks in pleasure with sexy moans. Then Takashi came home and caught the sex scene by accident. It’s weird porn but hope you enjoy…

Slutty Home Teacher – Part.1


Movie Details

Title: Slutty Home Teacher – Part.1

Pornstar: Mio Katagiri

Age: 30’s

Genre: Slender,Pantyhose,Sexy Underwear,Handjob,Blowjob,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/08/19

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