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Kyoko Masuyama: Erotic Day of Slutty Mature – Part.2


Erotic Day of Slutty Mature - Part.2

Movie comment: 40’s matures have some overflowing sexiness. Kyoko Masuyama who has adult charm is one of them. She’s good cook and her conversation skill is rich from her personal experience. But she’s cannot stop naughty fantasy where no one is around. On this part.2, she finally hits on her son’s friend. While she’s fantasizing about blowjob and licking shower head, there’s a visitor to her house suddenly. She rushes to the hallway wearing a towel and there’s Sugiyama who is a friend of her son. She invites him to the living room and her towel is dropped on the floor on a sudden, so Sugiyama’s dick can’t help but reacting to it. She feels amused about his reaction and she says Sugiyama, you haven’t seen a woman’s body, have you? I’ll show you something more interesting… and appears in front of him again wearing sexy underwear. It’s too much stimulation for him so his dick gets so hard enough to burst through his pants. She jumps at his dick joyfully and give him a skillful and intense blowjob. When she takes his dick into her pussy, he turns into a adult guy and starts touching her breasts softly. She has initiative until earlier reverse cowgirl sex, but she let herself go with Sugiyama’s overflowing desire eventually.

Erotic Day of Slutty Mature – Part.2


Movie Details

Title: Erotic Day of Slutty Mature – Part.2

Pornstar: Kyoko Masuyama

Age: 40’s

Genre: Sexy Underwear,Handjob,Blowjob,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/06/21

Chiharu Mizushima: Plump Mature’s Steamy Lotion Festa – Part.3


Plump Mature's Steamy Lotion Festa - Part.3

Movie comment: Chiharu Mizushima, she captivates fans with her silky skin and encompassing fat on her body. On this Part.3, she show us intense and erotic sex. She drops slimy lotion on a dick and stimulates peckerhead using her mouth wrapping with her tits. Feeling of her thick pussy is an experience of whole another dimension. Her cowgirl sex has a tremendous impact with shaking big tits. In missionary position, she swings her body fat which could be bursting her sexy lingerie in any moment, she devours a dick enough to suck all his sperm dry with her sweet moans. Enjoy this heavy weight & sweaty sex!

Plump Mature’s Steamy Lotion Festa – Part.3


Movie Details

Title: Plump Mature’s Steamy Lotion Festa – Part.3

Pornstar: Chiharu Mizushima

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Fishnet,Pantyhose,Sexy Underwear,Titty Fuck,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/08/02

Nana Mochizuki: Dreaming Tits Want to See Once in the Lifetime – 1

Young Wife

Dreaming Tits Want to See Once in the Lifetime - 1

Movie comment: Nana Mochizuki (Mei Hibiki) who has huge tits like naughty anime! She has a youthful appearance wearing vivid tube top and mini skirt. If we have a change to fuck the girl like her, sure we’ll enjoy that moment. When her pussy is soaked with remote rotor in the field, she can’t even stand against surging waves of pleasure. Then she starts masturbating with her tits. Her tits are so big to handle by herself but she devours a pleasure by pushing swinging dildo to her huge nipples. At letter part, naughty Nana is played with dildo and toys. She drips golden shower for too much pleasure when a toy crawls into her pussy.

Dreaming Tits Want to See Once in the Lifetime – 1


Movie Details

Title: Dreaming Tits Want to See Once in the Lifetime – 1

Pornstar: Nana Mochizuki

Age: Young Wife

Genre: Big Tits,Fishnet,Pantyhose,Sexy Underwear,Masturbation,Rotor,Vibrator,Electric Massager

Date: 2016/03/21

Momo Imai: If You Got To Know An Exotic College Beauty – 1

Young Wife

If You Got To Know An Exotic College Beauty - 1

Movie comment: Momo Imai, she has exotic eyes and they are attractive. This time she appears as a college girl and she goes to a company as an intern. The company doesn’t require formal wear for workplace, but she unthinkingly comes to the office with see-through cloth and mini-skirt. This might happen for some recent young girls. Then she was given an advise not to wear that kind of cloth from her boss, but the boss couldn’t hold his desire and start touching her… This plot ends at the time she gets angry and says Hey, if you do this again I’ll tell the president!. Then it skips to the scene where she is messed around by her teachers. Seems like doing naughty things with her teachers is nothing new to her and she is saying What…again!?. When her white and plump ass is fondled by them, the scene switches to her fantasy. She asks her teacher about the drawing of penis written on the blackboard with slutty costume, and she cannot help but jumping the teacher’s loins…

If You Got To Know An Exotic College Beauty – 1


Movie Details

Title: If You Got To Know An Exotic College Beauty – 1

Pornstar: Momo Imai

Age: Young Wife

Genre: Big Tits,Sexy Underwear,Handjob,Blowjob

Date: 2016/09/08

Aki Nitta: A Masochistic Lady Who’s Easy To Squirt – Part.3


A Masochistic Lady Who's Easy To Squirt - Part.3

Movie comment: A modest wife, Aki Nitta. Her weird sexual habit awakes after having a relationship with a debt collector… She suddenly pees on a drawing written by her husband and screw it up. After the plot, extra contents are included; sex with men with Jason mask, giving blowjob to her husband’s boss, making video. First of all, men with Jason mask diddles Aki’s body. She is rubbed with lotion and stimulated her nipples. Her agonizing face for too much pleasure is arousing enough! Next scene is about giving blowjob to her husband boss, her peeing caught by her husband’s boss and she sucks his dick asking not to tell anybody about her peeing. He cum a lot in the end and she licks what’s left on her hand which gives you a great excitement.

A Masochistic Lady Who’s Easy To Squirt – Part.3


Movie Details

Title: A Masochistic Lady Who’s Easy To Squirt – Part.3

Pornstar: Aki Nitta

Age: 30’s

Genre: Fishnet,Sexy Underwear,Handjob,Blowjob,Masturbation,Lotion

Date: 2016/10/05

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