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Sayuri Kajio: Plump Mature’s Overflowing Libido – Part.3

Young Wife

Plump Mature's Overflowing Libido - Part.3

Movie comment: Yuria Kajio, she is an abysmally cheery plump mature. She answers naughty questions like how to masturbate etc. with smiling. She gets entranced rubbing her own pussy which is all shaved at last time. And she soaks in sexual enjoyment for too much pleasure when her nipples are teased with a rotor. Then she is tied up and teased being dropped lotion. She again soaks in pleasure making loud moans when her pussy is gently fingered and her nipples are teased. Her blowjob is so sticky and gently making naughty smile. The scene of cowgirl sex welcoming a penis to her pussy is a must-see.

Plump Mature’s Overflowing Libido – Part.3


Movie Details

Title: Plump Mature’s Overflowing Libido – Part.3

Pornstar: Sayuri Kajio

Age: Young Wife

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Shaved,Blowjob,Masturbation,Rotor,Dildo,Lotion,Anal,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/12/02

AyakaMiyazaki: A Beautiful Wife in 40’s Dense Affair – Part.1


A Beautiful Wife in 40's Dense Affair - Part.1

Movie comment: Ayaka Miyazaki, she is working out at the gym. If you see a lady like her at gym, you won’t be able to concentrate your training. Her seductive looking proves that she is sexually frustrated. A man cannot resists her naughty legs stretching from her tight skirt and she is also waiting for his move to let him touch her. When she is undressed her light purple clothe which great on her, well-shaped and big tits with small nipples appear and seems like they like to be messed around. She doesn’t jump on his penis soon, she slowly pets his loins on the top of her pants first. She closes her eyes and holds it into her mouth, and slowly she goes up and down making naughty sounds which is attracting. Her pussy is already soaked with a vibrator. It’s kind of exciting to see her figure, who looks snobby just before, holding a vibrator in her pussy. Lotion being poured continuously on her body makes her more sultry. She madly craves for semen and she reaches orgasm with sexy voice at last.

A Beautiful Wife in 40’s Dense Affair – Part.1


Movie Details

Title: A Beautiful Wife in 40’s Dense Affair – Part.1

Pornstar: AyakaMiyazaki

Age: 40’s

Genre: Big Tits,Blowjob,Vibrator,Dildo,Lotion

Date: 2016/09/16

Kumiko Hayama: Big Tits Plump Slut, Kumiko Hayama’s Bondage


Big Tits Plump Slut, Kumiko Hayama's Bondage

Movie comment: White skin and plump body. Longing for plump women never ends. Kumiko Hayama who looks like sweating all the time. This time she appears with red and sexy bondage. Huge tits are plunging from a hole. Her tight garter belt is also sexy. When she’s rubbed by lotion, she becomes even sexier! After her tits shaking standing doggy and missionary which would burn her fat a lot, she sucks a dick and receives cumshot in her mouth. Must see for plumpy fans!!!

Big Tits Plump Slut, Kumiko Hayama’s Bondage


Movie Details

Title: Big Tits Plump Slut, Kumiko Hayama’s Bondage

Pornstar: Kumiko Hayama

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Sexy Underwear,Blowjob,Lotion,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/04/24

Junko Asada: Chubby Mature’s Slutty Desire – Part.2


Chubby Mature's Slutty Desire - Part.2

Movie comment: Jyunko Asada, she is wearing sexy costume As always, she calls her servant clapping her hands. And she climbs onto his face and the servant starts licking her pussy from beneath at the same time she masturbates herself. After his cumshot, she then calls for another servants and makes them caress all over her body. Those guys devour her legs and one guy supports her masturbation with rotor. The scene of insertion of rotor crawling into her pussy is exciting enough. On the later part, she shows us a masturbation using lotion. She doesn’t care about wetting futon at all and rubs lotion all over her body. Her well-shaped round butt gets glistening with lotion and it looks great.

Chubby Mature’s Slutty Desire – Part.2


Movie Details

Title: Chubby Mature’s Slutty Desire – Part.2

Pornstar: Junko Asada

Age: 30’s

Genre: Pantyhose,Sexy Underwear,Masturbation,Rotor,Strap-on Dildo,Lotion

Date: 2016/09/22

Yuka Osawa,Anna Kawamura,Asuka Ishihara: Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.3


Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians - Part.3

Movie comment: Uncensored video of Elly Arai (Elly Akira, Yuka Osawa), Anna Kawamura, and Asuka Ishihara. This is a part.3 of 6 episodes and is about the queen Anna and two lesbians. What queen Anna and two lesbian servants are staring at is a new masochistic man. Queen like to play with lesbians but also she like to tease men occasionally. Those three diddle his dick and nipples with dirty talk and he is very much excited their teasing so his dick is fully erected. Those three give him facesitting taking turn which is a great scene.

Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.3


Movie Details

Title: Plump Queen & 2 Lesbians – Part.3

Pornstar: Yuka Osawa,Anna Kawamura,Asuka Ishihara

Age: 30’s

Genre: Famous Actress,Pervert,Big Tits,Chubby,Handjob,Titty Fuck,Lotion,Threesome,Orgy

Date: 2017/01/21

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