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Sayuri Kajio: Plump Mature’s Overflowing Libido – Part.1


Plump Mature's Overflowing Libido - Part.1

Movie comment: Sayuri Kajio, she’s a sociable plump mature. First of all, she enters to a restaurant to satisfy her appetite. She has a great appetite and flab on her belly. Despite it is a public place, she starts naughty things. She look around carefully and gropes own loins, but she cannot satisfy with it so she moves to the bathroom. Her plump body appears as she gets naked in the bathroom which is enticing for chubby fans. When her nipples are tickled, she smiles saying Hmmm….it feels good in adorable way. After leaving the restaurant, she does whatever she wants to fill her sexual desire. She pees wearing white pants and unzip the guy’s fastener and suck his dick expressing naughty looks as if she’s trying to fill her appetite and sexual urge at the same time. She says that outdoor blowjob makes her excited more than usual. Even though she leads him to a cumshot with her handjob and blowjob, she ends up going to the hotel with him for own treat.

Plump Mature’s Overflowing Libido – Part.1


Movie Details

Title: Plump Mature’s Overflowing Libido – Part.1

Pornstar: Sayuri Kajio

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Handjob,Blowjob,Masturbation,Outdoor,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/11/23

Fuuka Sasaki: A Sadistic Prison Guard’s Naughty Taming


A Sadistic Prison Guard's Naughty Taming

Movie comment: Fuka Sasaki, who mesmerize men with her soft and plump body, plays a roll of prison guard and gives lectures to prisoners sadistically. She wears think makeup with curly hair and she’s really for a fun having a whip on her hand. It’s thrilling to she her play as it doesn’t looks she’s playing a roll at all. It’s arousing to see her play, as she puts her pussy onto a guy face rub it really hard with no restraint so the guy gasps. Also you cannot miss the scene she exposes her big white tits. However, she looks she’s not satisfied with services of prisoners… Don’t miss the next one!!!

A Sadistic Prison Guard’s Naughty Taming


Movie Details

Title: A Sadistic Prison Guard’s Naughty Taming

Pornstar: Fuuka Sasaki

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Other,Lotion

Date: 2016/06/04

Ayame Fuji: 50 Years Old Ayame Fuji, 50’s Beautiful Tits


50 Years Old Ayame Fuji, 50's Beautiful Tits

Movie comment: Ayame Fuji, who is into a Japanese actor. Her white ghostly kimono is so sexy and we can glance her silky skin underneath. Her breasts are perfect for those who look for a big and well shaped ones. While the guy rubs her tits from the back and licks her nipples, she can’t stop wetting pussy and starts masturbating playing with her clit. When her pink pussy is opened, it looks so yummy and seems like it’s waiting for a dick to break in. The scene of taking a dick into her pussy with reverse cowgirl feeling warmth of her vagina is so arousing. In the end, Ayame expresses her pleasure and satisfaction of a woman who is demanded as sexual target.

50 Years Old Ayame Fuji, 50’s Beautiful Tits


Movie Details

Title: 50 Years Old Ayame Fuji, 50’s Beautiful Tits

Pornstar: Ayame Fuji

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Kimono / Yukata,Blowjob,Facial

Date: 2016/04/24

Kayo Takemura: Divorced & Desperate Slutty 40’s Wife


Divorced & Desperate Slutty 40's Wife

Movie comment: Kayo Takemura, she has divorced 2 years ago and had relationship with more than 20 men since then. Women seems to give in to despair sometime because of their divorce. There are cucumber and eggplant in front of her, and she starts eating them with her naughty pussy. She is fondled by three men in the beginning. Her shaved pussy looks beautiful and it’s easy to get wet. Her sensitive pussy and loose belly would entice niche fans. She continuously squirts with loud moans by endless fingering. Her intense blowjob is arousing enough to imagine how much she craves for it. Her fully ripened body is fucked in spoon position which is arousing. Her missionary sex is also dynamic and exciting making squeaky sound of the bed. The guy cums at the same time as she raises loudest moan in the end.

Divorced & Desperate Slutty 40’s Wife


Movie Details

Title: Divorced & Desperate Slutty 40’s Wife

Pornstar: Kayo Takemura

Age: 40’s

Genre: Chubby,Blowjob,69,Vibrator,Foreign Object,Squirt

Date: 2016/08/14

Chiharu Mizushima: Plump Mature’s Steamy Lotion Festa – Part.3


Plump Mature's Steamy Lotion Festa - Part.3

Movie comment: Chiharu Mizushima, she captivates fans with her silky skin and encompassing fat on her body. On this Part.3, she show us intense and erotic sex. She drops slimy lotion on a dick and stimulates peckerhead using her mouth wrapping with her tits. Feeling of her thick pussy is an experience of whole another dimension. Her cowgirl sex has a tremendous impact with shaking big tits. In missionary position, she swings her body fat which could be bursting her sexy lingerie in any moment, she devours a dick enough to suck all his sperm dry with her sweet moans. Enjoy this heavy weight & sweaty sex!

Plump Mature’s Steamy Lotion Festa – Part.3


Movie Details

Title: Plump Mature’s Steamy Lotion Festa – Part.3

Pornstar: Chiharu Mizushima

Age: 30’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Fishnet,Pantyhose,Sexy Underwear,Titty Fuck,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/08/02

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