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Katsuko Tajima: Scentful Mature’s Sex In 25 Years


Scentful Mature's Sex In 25 Years

Movie comment: Katsuko Tajima who is 57 years old and lives in Saitama Pref. She is almost 60 but she lies about her age as 45 sometime. She is spotted by local people often when she is gardening with no-sleeve in summer time. Even though she is usual woman, her arms peeked from her one-piece dress is silky white and have full of elegance. She says she have broken a vibrator before but we don’t know how hard she plays with it usually… She’s a funny woman. And it’s been 25 years since her last sex. She is going to become wild as much as she wants releasing her long suppressed sexual urge. First, she is played with vibrator & rotor. Every time her pussy is messed around with those toys, it is filled with naughty juice and gives off erotic scent thanks to her sexual urge and frustration which is much stronger that 25 years ago. The way she expresses ecstasy on her face is like recalling her passionate sex at time of her youth. In side position, her saggy belly trembles which is normal for her age and it catches mature fan’s heart. She groans wild and bounces on the top of a man in cowgirl position. Lastly, her tits receive cum after being pounded hard in missionary. She finally takes back 25 years of blank.

Scentful Mature’s Sex In 25 Years


Movie Details

Title: Scentful Mature’s Sex In 25 Years

Pornstar: Katsuko Tajima

Age: 50’s

Genre: Rotor,Vibrator

Date: 2016/08/06

Yuriko Takashima: 54 Years Old Yuriko Takashima, 50’s Beautiful Tits


54 Years Old Yuriko Takashima, 50's Beautiful Tits

Movie comment: Yuriko Takashima wearing bright red shirt. She says she has a sex friend chatting like kinky young woman and also says sex in the mountain when camping is her wildest sex she ever had. When the guy replied to her Was that sex with 11 people? with joking, she said Year I’d like to do that sometime with mesmerizing. Well, she looks like a normal mature woman but her libido is wild as young person. When the guy asks her to undress, her plump breasts and flabby belly is exposed which must entice cubby fans. Color of her nipples of her plump tits are more light pink than the ones of virgins. Her elegant voice which leads the guy’s hand to her pussy is accelerating the guy’s urge. The scene she sucks a dick with her sophisticated tongue skill is mind blowing. At last, she makes him cum with her naughty hand.

54 Years Old Yuriko Takashima, 50’s Beautiful Tits


Movie Details

Title: 54 Years Old Yuriko Takashima, 50’s Beautiful Tits

Pornstar: Yuriko Takashima

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Shaved,Handjob,Blowjob,Masturbation,Rotor

Date: 2016/04/16

Seiko Koizumi: 50’s Groan! MILF’s Tiny Pussy in Pleasure


50's Groan! MILF's Tiny Pussy in Pleasure

Movie comment: Divorced single lady, Seiko Koizumi. Although she makes herself younger with blond curly hair, her wrinkles implies us that she is ripe woman. She has a nice body shape so she must have been gorgeous in younger time as she is now. Her tight butt with a white panty seduces us to bury our face in it. When her underwear is taken off, her pale color/sensitive nipples are exposed… It’s small but naughty tits actually. On the cowgirl scene, you’ll see closed-up nice bottom and pussy taking a dick in.

50’s Groan! MILF’s Tiny Pussy in Pleasure


Movie Details

Title: 50’s Groan! MILF’s Tiny Pussy in Pleasure

Pornstar: Seiko Koizumi

Age: 50’s

Genre: Small Tits,Slender,Blowjob,Rotor

Date: 2016/03/31

Etsuko Katou: 56 Years Old Etsuko Kato, 50’s Beautiful Tits


56 Years Old Etsuko Kato, 50's Beautiful Tits

Movie comment: A talent once in 10 Years!!! Etsuko Kato, she says she was popular at her younger age. Her ephemeral and kind eyes makes us believe that she was like an angel when she was young. But her mind seems like it stopped maturing at her youth by seeing her frightened with a horny man. Although her attitude is humble and discreet, when she undressed, sexy pink underwear and loose breasts which can’t against gravity are exposed. When her panty is taken off, gray-haired ripe clam is waiting for a dick. Horny man is so exciting and plays with her pussy for a while. Her pussy is wet enough to insert and the moment it accepts a penis is so filthy. Even when she is pounded hard, she slightly moans not screaming. Enjoy her mature body which is ready to be fucked fantasizing her younger figure.

56 Years Old Etsuko Kato, 50’s Beautiful Tits


Movie Details

Title: 56 Years Old Etsuko Kato, 50’s Beautiful Tits

Pornstar: Etsuko Katou

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Titty Fuck

Date: 2016/04/23

Takako Iio: Entangling with 50’s Mature, Takako Ijima 55


Entangling with 50's Mature, Takako Ijima 55

Movie comment: This time of wife is ordinary mature, Takako Ijima. Her atmosphere would match with a sketchy hotel rather than a fancy one. Matures in 50 prefers old places where can remind them old younger days as those places would flame up their passion like before. Even though their physical performance is declining, their sexual desire is getting increased like young men in 20. She also has overflowing sexual urge and gets frustrated with it. When she is asked for a blowjob, she carefully suck a dick from the tip to the bottom wearing naked apron. Her sexy and steady blowjob skill is attributed to her life experience. She gives titty fuck with her big and soft tits and the guy seems to be appreciated with her wonderful service. She is fucked with doggystyle against a mirror and her shaking big tits look so good and they are soft like marshmallows. Her reverse cowgirl is really erotic as you can see her pussy is fucked by a thick dick in detail. She finally soaks in the afterglow of unusual pleasure after a cumshot.

Entangling with 50’s Mature, Takako Ijima 55


Movie Details

Title: Entangling with 50’s Mature, Takako Ijima 55

Pornstar: Takako Iio

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Blowjob,Titty Fuck

Date: 2016/07/03

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