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Sachiko Nakaoka: Mature in 50’s with Blushed Skin


Mature in 50's with Blushed Skin

Movie comment: This time’s wife is a talkative 50’s lady, Sachiko Nakaoka. Her skin is silky white and fine-grinded. Her nipples are light pink color. Her pussy is already wet before being touch and makes us want to lick it forever. When the guy plays her pussy with his middle finger, her pussy makes a naughty sound and she enters into a pleasure world. She seems like she’s exciting about double penetration with dildo which is her first time experience. She express her ecstasy throughout her body moaning really loud when her slender body is fucked hard with doggystyle position. When she knocks up with cowgirl position is such a turn on!!!

Mature in 50’s with Blushed Skin


Movie Details

Title: Mature in 50’s with Blushed Skin

Pornstar: Sachiko Nakaoka

Age: 50’s

Genre: Slender,Vibrator,Anal

Date: 2016/04/13

Yuriko Takashima: Entangling with 50’s Mature, Yuriko Takashima 54


Entangling with 50's Mature, Yuriko Takashima 54

Movie comment: You cannot tell who’s naughty and who’s not from their appearance. You would be making a mistake if you stick with old stereotype like mature womens are always honest. They have an enormous naughty desire inside despite their looks. Yuriko Takashima, who has a steady body and elegant features, is also one of them. She, who is getting close to 60 years old, loves younger men. Today’s her target is a young man around 30 years old who loves mature women. Of course it’s favorite age for her too. She proactively fondles the man’s body and pushes her soft breasts up against his body. She even gives him a really naughty blowjob licking and sucking his dick and balls diligently. His dick reacts energetically with her great techniques. She soaks in please moaning with sexy voice after she leads his full-erected dick into her pussy. She expresses her ecstasy even more with missionary position shaking her loose body and raising her voice. It’s worth watching for mature fans. Enjoy this mature mother, Yuriko Takashima.

Entangling with 50’s Mature, Yuriko Takashima 54


Movie Details

Title: Entangling with 50’s Mature, Yuriko Takashima 54

Pornstar: Yuriko Takashima

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Blowjob,Titty Fuck

Date: 2016/06/26

Wakana Yamazaki: A Supreme Sex Of Chubby & Flabby Mature


A Supreme Sex Of Chubby & Flabby Mature

Movie comment: Wakana Yamasaki (Natsuko Sakamoto), she is like one of frank relatives you see at some family party. She is not a hottie but she smiles a lot and her chubby body would grab minds of niche fans. She first wears nothing but an apron. Her well-covered fat on her body appears and it’s erotic already. Her big tits look yummy enough to make the guy devours them right away. The guy fondles her chubby and handful white ass avidly as she sticks it out. Her entrance looks small and it gives you an idea that it may great for tightening your dick when sex. She feels so much pleasure expressing ecstasy when fingered. How she licks dick is so careful and diligent. She spins her tongue and wraps his dick with it when she gives a blowjob. Then she aggressively swings her chubby body and tits in cowgirl position. Her orgasm leaking sweet moans is beyond expectation and is a must-see. In the end, her tits are covered with load of cum.

A Supreme Sex Of Chubby & Flabby Mature


Movie Details

Title: A Supreme Sex Of Chubby & Flabby Mature

Pornstar: Wakana Yamazaki

Age: 50’s

Genre: Big Tits,Chubby,Blowjob

Date: 2016/08/11

Kotoe Sugimura: Fully Ripened 50’s Mature Blooms Sexily


Fully Ripened 50's Mature Blooms Sexily

Movie comment: Hisae Sugimura who lives in Kohto area of Tokyo. She has an atmosphere like working at the sketchy boutique at local shopping district. She gives a comfortable feeling with her modest looks. Her breasts are not too small for her slender body. Her slender and beautiful legs are like juicy fruit and it’s breath-taking. Her nipples are unique shape and attractive enough for men to go crazy. Under her white panty, fully ripened and tasty pussy is being wrapped by her bush. Her pussy gets filled with naughty juice every time its fingered and swallows a man’s finger deeper… Their kissing is intense so she gets embarrassed a little. But she tries hard to give him a pleasure by touching and fondling his nipples and loins. Although most of mature in 50’s give a great blowjob, her blowjob is little ticking. She looks passive about sex, but she is willing to boost the sex mood which is great. The man sticks his dick up to her heavy looking ass in cowgirl position. And naughty sound of their intercourse echoes in doggystyle. Every time he fuck her, she express pleasure on her face which looks beautiful. He shoots cum aiming her sexy lips at last and it glistens her lips and makes her more bewitching. This is why men who have fetish for matures love to have sex with a woman like her.

Fully Ripened 50’s Mature Blooms Sexily


Movie Details

Title: Fully Ripened 50’s Mature Blooms Sexily

Pornstar: Kotoe Sugimura

Age: 50’s

Genre: Slender,Blowjob,Facial

Date: 2016/08/03

Keiko Ooshima: Gushing Fountain of Squirting 50’s MILF


Gushing Fountain of Squirting 50's MILF

Movie comment: Keiko Oshima, she is 50’s mature and has an atmosphere like country lady who dressed up to come to City. She lives in a old house and has communication skill for becoming friends with anyone. She doesn’t look sexy at all but the mind of this mature who is close to menopause is filled with naughty things. She seduces men with her capacity and sophisticated sexual charm. When she took off her bathrobe, her fine skin like 20’s woman appears. Also her nipples have beautiful pink color and they are enticing enough. The guy seems to be attracted to her silky skin so he gropes Keiko’s breasts. When she’s tied up with rope and fingered her pussy, her pussy gets really wet and squirts making naughty sound. When she is fucked with missionary position, she makes sexy voice drenched in sexual pleasure. With doggystyle, the way she tilts ass is so raunchy so the guy’s pounding gets really hard. Her saggy body protruding from rope is such a turn-on as well.

Gushing Fountain of Squirting 50’s MILF


Movie Details

Title: Gushing Fountain of Squirting 50’s MILF

Pornstar: Keiko Ooshima

Age: 50’s

Genre: Vibrator,Squirt,Cum in Mouth

Date: 2016/05/29

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